January 08, 2010

                                                                            (above photos by Ben Trogdon)
Taken By Justine Murphy at Stella Natura 2012 http://www.photicphotographic.com/vradiazei-stella-natura/

Photo taken by Justine Murphy. see more at  http://www.photicphotographic.com/vradiazei-mississippi-studios/ 
Taken by Justine Murphy at Folklife 2012 http://www.photicphotographic.com/vradiazei/

Cover art for our first tape release 

Cover art for our self titled LP 

nice flyers

Blogger rayss said...
hi i read aobut yall in a distro list from europe. i live in texas, can i buy your tapes from you.

Blogger dmc said...
I really enjoyed hearing you and also meeting the viola player (forgive me I don't remember your name) I would like to have a recording of your stuff but it seems that I lost the address. Please respond to me with E-mail at Darran1@live.com

Blogger Adam Heilbrun said...
Wonderful !!!

Some forty years ago in London we formed an ensemble to play for a Macedonian Folk Dance group. The best we could hope to do at the time was to transcribe some recordings and try to play the dance music as faithfully as possible.
Then, about twenty five years ago I played in a klezmer band in Berkeley. We felt much more freedom in our ability to play around with the traditional tunes and given them our own twist.
Now, I am delighted to hear you fine musicians, rooted in diverse musics, creating your own contemporary music developed from folk traditions. Well done! Well done!!!
Adam - from Grass Valley, CA