July 09, 2011
summer tour 2011
To celebrate the release of our first full length record out on Pesanta, we will be going on a short west coast tour!   Here's what it looks like:

July 16th  - Nevada City, CA with Timo Viialainen and  Lasher Keen @ the Seaman's Lodge
July 17th - Berkeley, CA  with Infinity Gauntlet @ the Longhaul Infoshop
July 18th and 19th OFF
July 20th - Ashland, OR with Black Mold and Intuitive Compass @ the Big Yellow House
July 21st - Eugene, OR with Into the Rhine
July 22nd - outside Salem, OR

A MINORITY OF WALDTEUFEL   -  http://laughingcrowe.com/waldteufel/
NOVEMTHREE  -  http://www.novemthree.com/
VRADIAZEI  -  http://vradiazei.blogspot.com/
ALDA (acoustic set)  -  http://www.myspace.com/aldacascadia

The location is SHORT LAKE, which is very close to Breitenbusch Hot Springs.
Please bring adequate camping gear, swimming gear, ample food and beverages. The nearest store is 20 miles down the road, so bring all you need. There is no entry fee, but donations will be accepted and merchandise available to support the bands.

FLYER:  http://www.eternalwarfare.org/images/HSH%202011.jpg

July 23rd - Portland OR with River, Into the Rhine, in front of an abandoned stone house in Forrest Park, NW Portland

Dates TBA in early September in Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle.